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Wood veneer panels

Real, solid wood-grain veneers come in a variety of standard and exotic looks using the Compression tactile process.  They come in different shapes, thickness, and surface textures that can be customized to complement your space and to conform with your vision while providing exceptional wood sign looks.

Processes of ADA Tactile signage

There are 3 processes for ADA signage to be compliant. 

Each process is different to fulfill your design and budget needs. These processes are used throughout many methods for all ADA and custom sign solutions. Learn more about each of these ADA tactile processes by visiting this section.

GOOD Choice = Applied Tactile

BETTER Choice = Photopolymer Tactile

BEST Choice =  Compression Tactile

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GOOD Choice:

Applied Tactile

The most economical tactile solution


This technique offers precise laser-cut text that is adhesive-applied to a sign substrate with corresponding inset braille beads.



The most cost-effective ADA solution

Text and braille beads are laser-cut with precision

Can be used on many different  types of substrates

BETTER Choice:

Photopolymer Tactile

The most common and popular tactile solution with a proprietary process


This technique offers acrylic signs with fused raised text and inset braille beads.  Compared to other competitors’ processes, this photopolymer technique is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly because of the ability to recycle unused material.


Unique photopolymer technique with proprietary process

The raised text and braille beads are tipped colored

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly versus other competitors

BEST Choice:

Compression Tactile

The ultimate choice for ADA solution at a competitive price


This technique offers an exceptional ADA solution that exceeds ADA requirements.  There are a variety of options for fused integral color or metal text and graphics on many different types of substrates.



Constructed as one-piece

Text and braille beads are permanently fused through compression

Can be used on many different  types of substrates

Resistant to vandalism and water

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