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The Benefits of LED for Illuminating Signage

Updated: May 14, 2019

Illuminated Monument Signs

Going from the bad of fluorescent lighting, going to the good of LED lighting will be the most cost-effective decision that you will ever make.

Low Energy Cost

LED Lighting can reduce the energy cost by half versus using fluorescent lighting. In the long run, especially if the sign is being lit for almost more than half a day, you will definitely see the cost saving results by using LED lighting.


Purchasing LED lights will cost more but the operating cost will be low. LED lights can have a lifespan of 50,000+ hours where fluorescent lights last about 10,000 hours.


Most illuminating signs are outdoor and LED lights can resist different types of weather such as strong winds and cold temperatures. Fluorescent lighting are usually glass bulbs and are more sensitive to being damaged from the weather. LED lighting offers better quality and are more weather resistant.

Low Maintenance

Even though Fluorescent lights are more affordable, the cost to maintain them are much higher than LED lighting. You’ll find yourself replacing the glass bulbs frequently because they’ve reached their lifespan or they were damaged by the inclement weather. Whereas, with LED lighting, the cost of maintenance is low because of longer lifespan and higher durability. Overall, LED lighting is low energy, long-lasting, durable, and low maintenance. You can’t get any more cost effective than this. If you’re looking for new Illuminating signage with LED lighting, contact San Francisco Sign Company now for a quote. If your existing outdoor illuminating signage is using Fluorescent lighting, contact San Francisco Sign Company now. Save some money and have them retrofit your sign with LED lighting.

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